Border Camp Blues

by Peter B & Friends

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This Mae Tao Clinic Fundraiser features original music by independent artists from Australia. Each artist kindly donated their music to support the work of this displaced people’s clinic in Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand.

Each year more than 70000 displaced people benefit from MTC's health, child protection and community services on the Thai-Burma Border. They serve Burmese workers (hired for unskilled labour but not provided with affordable access to healthcare), children and families from across the border, landmine victims, and anyone who can't access healthcare.

MTC's Departments include maternity, reproductive health, eye, pediatrics, dental, prosthetic, acupuncture, surgical & trauma, pharmacy, mental health, and child protection services. They also support numerous boarding houses and schools for displaced kids.

Visitors and volunteers (with prior notice) are always welcomed. For more information and ways to further assist MTC please visit

Right now, we believe it is more important than ever to ensure people on the border receive the care and support they need, amidst rapid political and economic changes in Burma. The transition that we all hope for will not happen quickly. Sustainable change takes time. Will we leave our friends here to sing the Border Camp Blues on their own?

Thanks for giving a damn
Peter B & Friends
July 2012

Disclaimer: This fundraising project is personal, promoted only among friends, and is completely independent of any government or non-government organisation. Your involvement is voluntary and there is no tax-benefit whatsoever. Email me if you'd like more info: No one asked me to do this, nor am I representing MTC or any organisation. I'm just a human trying to be that little bit more fully human and more humane. The musicians gave their songs for this purpose only so please don't abuse their art and violate any copyright laws. What will happen to the money?: After Bandcamp takes their small commission for helping to host the music, the money will transferred to the clinic via their website's donation page. They will choose to spend it wherever the need exists. Thanks!


released July 15, 2012

May Your Pen Grace The Page - by Luka Lesson
Mountain Side - by Jimmy Watts Band
Lying Christ - by Wax & Wire
Give A Damn - by Peter B & The Homeless Souls
Old Man's Last Granny Smith - by The Quadratic Contingence
Let It Go - by Dru & The Intentions
Border Camp Blues - by Radiola (feat. Peter B)
Cover photo by Jonathan Murray



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Peter B & The Homeless Souls Brisbane, Australia

When our friend's mum heard that we were playing at his sister's birthday party, she said 'You tell those guys their souls have a home'. Thank you, Mrs Manning. We hope so.

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Track Name: Radiola featuring Peter B - Border Camp Blues
-Border Camp Blues-
This side of the border
      is poverty and crime
Machine guns and long hard roads
      Made my children cry
I’m a long way from nowhere
I’m nothin’ in a no-man’s land
This side of the border… x2
Listening to the radio
Need me some better news
Gimme  some good news radio
      To end the border camp blues
Is the war ever gonna end?
Fightin' for nothin’ in a no-man’s land
This side of the border…
      (Lost my home)
This side of the border…
      (We’re all alone)
Seven years in this border camp
Two children born right here
We ran through burning flames
     That took half the camp last year
What little we had was gone
Now we’re nothin’ in this no-man’s land

This side of the border…
      (No man’s land)
This side of the border…
      (Who will make a stand?)
Watching birds high in the sky
Come and go as they choose
But I’m stuck in this border camp
I got these border camp blues
Lordy Lordy won’t you give me wings
To fly outta this no-man’s land that I'm in
This side of the border…
      Wanna fly away
This side of the border…
      Get outta here some day
This side of the border…
    How much I gotta pay?
This side of the border…
      Don’t wanna stay
This side of the border…
Get me a boat, hell, baby I don't care!